Monday, December 28, 2009

Daddy don't throw a shirt at me.

Tonight I tucked Kadin in bed leaving him to play with his Yu Gi Ou cards when my hubby walked down the hall and decided it would be funny to toss his shirt at him.  Well the shirt hit Kadin's cards and knocked them on the floor. Not a good deal since he had just organized them to his liking.  Kadin was so mad at dad for knocking the cards down with his "stupid" shirt that he proceeded to yell at the top of his lungs "Dad you are Captain Fairy".  We both just busted up laughing really not know how to respond to that one!!!!!

So moral of the story is ....  When someone drives you insane don't look to use those dreaded bad words just call them "Captain Fairy".  LOL

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  1. When you posted this on FB I laughed out loud. What did we laugh at before kids? Autumn is always cracking us up. Amazing how far we've come huh?!

    Love the new background. Very chic!!!