Friday, April 30, 2010

Santa and the Red Suit

Let me take you back a couple months when I posted the following:

Before getting into this post you must know a little about my dad.  He is a big guy  (6'4) who has a long grey beard, longer grey hair and a big round belly (yes it shakes like a bowl full of jelly).  Kids this time of year tend to do a double take when he walks by!!!!

Well one day last week he was enjoying lunch at Subway when he saw a little boy deep in conversation with his father.  The little boy who is 4 kept staring at my dad with a look of confusion on his face.  Finally after a few minutes the little boy turned to his dad and said "Look dad even Santa eats at Subway".

Now to current days post:

This same little boy and his family live just down the road from my parents.  Everyday when they drive home he sees my dad out mowing the lawn, getting the mail, etc...  The other day while driving by with his father the little boy  asked "why doesn't santa wear his red suit when he is at home?".

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  1. It's amazing how children's minds work. It doesn't occur to them that Santa would wear anything BUT his red suit because that's how they typically see him.

    If he waves and shouts 'ho ho ho' next time, he'll really make that boy's day :)