Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tooth Fairy Confusion

Kadin (11) pulled his loose tooth out last night.  He put it in a ziploc bag, preparing to lay it under his pillow, and set it on the coffee table.  He then had a friend come over and completely forgot to grab the tooth and put it under his pillow.  Rylin (6) came along, saw the tooth and decided to take it for her self.  She took the tooth and put it under her pillow in hopes she would get money!

The next morning she comes into our room and says "I put Kadin's tooth on his bed".  Our response was "why do you have Kadin's tooth"?  To which she says "I took it and put it under my pillow to see if the tooth fairy would bring me money"!

The tooth fairy forgot that a tooth was even lost in the house, man she lucked out!

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