Friday, December 10, 2010

You have enough

Little background info for you all.  For the last year I have been begging my husband for either another baby or a chocolate labrador puppy and his response is always no.  Well last weekend I found 2 wk old lab puppies for sale and fell in love!  I asked my wonderful and amazing husband if I could please please please have one and to my surprise he said fine.  I was so extremely excited and we went to put down a deposit and pick out our new family member.  Later that night he let me know that he said fine just so he didn't have to hear me anymore (whatever I got my way)!

Well almost a week later we are sitting on the couch watching Eat Pray Love and they show the cutest african american baby (weak spot in my heart) you have ever seen.  Of course I said "oh look at that cute little face" to which my daughter replies "you already have a puppy, don't you have enough?".


  1. That's too cute! Do you think you two will have more children? We are certainly DONE! I love it that my kids are getting bigger. They're so much fun at these ages. Still little girls, but definitely old enough to be able to do a ton of things.

    Occasionally I get nostalgic when I see a darling newborn outfit or something, but I remind myself of the midnight feedings, and it usually cures me :)

  2. We closed shop when Ry was born but I would love to foster parent! I would have a half dozen kids if financially we could afford to keep me home and still enjoy all the activities we do as a family.